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OPS CCM Ribcor 4 Trigger ASY Grip SR Stick Vergrößern

OPS CCM Ribcor 4 Trigger ASY Grip JR Stick


219,95 €

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The Ribcor line has always been unique due to its visual technology that helps generate amazing loading and quick release. The new Ribcor Trigger ASY will still feature the visible Pop Matrix Technology, but the layup will be completely new. The ASY-1 Flex Profile was developed to maximize the performance of every single fiber in the stick. This allows the players to release even quicker than before. The structure of the blade has also been modified to increase puck feel and reduce weight. The new Ribcor Trigger ASY stays true to the DNA of the Ribcor line while, once again, improving its feel and performance.  

A completely new layup allows for an even quicker release. Designed with feedback from NHL players and validated in the CCM Performance Lab, the new Flex Profile will help you achieve Maximum Pop on every shot.  

The Ribcor Trigger's Pop Matrix Technology construction feature performance fibers that are constantly in tension for a quick and efficient power transfer and loading while being protected by the outer layers.  

The Ascent Blade 2 is a lighter blade that has been developed to improve puck feel while maintaining toe stiffness.  

The shaft includes a technora reinforcement which increases the durability without compromising performance. 

True to Ribcor form, the Trigger features a low kick point for easy to load shots with a surprisingly quick release. 


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