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OPS CCM RBZ 270 Grip SR Schläger Vergrößern

OPS CCM RBZ 270 Grip INT Schläger


179,95 €

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The CCM RBZ 270 stick carries on the tradition of power that players expect from the RBZ family, but brings with it a new level of strength. Complete with Speed Pocket Construction, a Custom Kick Point and PowerHosel Technology, prepare yourself for a new era of shooting performance. 

The RBZ 270's Speed Pocket Construction provides high C.O.R. for a great trampoline effect to maximize puck speed. 

The RBZ 270 features PowerHosel Technology. A rib inside the hosel helps maximize the energy tansfer and increase durability. 

A unique flex profile that is ideal for shooters. The stick flexes where the player's bottom hand is placed. 


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