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Bauer Supreme S170 Griptac SR Stick Vergrößern

Bauer Supreme S170 Griptac INT Stick


139,90 €

Mehr Infos

  • Premium Basket Weave composite construction - NEW
  • BimaX™ 3K carbon composite blade wrap - NEW
  • Dual density blade core
  • MPK technology - NEW
  • Pure Shot blade profile
  • Square double concave shaft dimensions

MPK - Maximum Power Kick

All new taper geometry with lower taper initiation for maximum energy output with minimum effort using a stiffer lower shaft that pushes the kick point even higher, creating a stick that is easily loaded, perfect for powerful slap shots and one-timers. This stick is ideal for those who lean heavily into their shots.

Pure Shot Blade Profile

The optimized blade profile increases the connection point between the blade-hosel transition of the stick. This reduces the amount of blade deflection, the twisting or opening of the blade while shooting, improving blade control and delivering pinpoint shooting accuracy.


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