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Easton Stealth CX ST Grip


199,95 €

Mehr Infos

Durabilty: Heavier weight spec for added impact strength and durability with blade light balance for a pro feel 
Exo-RimTM: Exo-Rim blade construction adds velocity through stability, powers the blade through the puck for improved velocity and accuracy 
Extra Tough Resin Matrix: A reinforced matrix with high impact strength and stretch properties for shaft responsiveness and performance 
Hypertoe: Stiffened toe region for more responsive shots off the toe 
Micro-Bladder: Creates maximum compaction for feel and durability 
Multi-Rib: Multiple carbon I-Beams create response and stability throughout the blade 
Elliptical Profile: Increases torsional resistance foraccuracy and energy transfer 
Carbon Fiber Matrix: EC80 


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