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OPS CCM Ribcor 45K Grip SR Stick View larger

OPS CCM Ribcor 45K Grip JR Stick


79,95 €

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Built to ensure your shot gets off as quick as possible, the Ribcor 45K stick comes complete with easy-to-load technology, the SXX2 blade, and low kick point you've come to expect from the Ribcor family.  

The Ribcor 45K comes with easy-to-load technology, which is a unique stiffness profile that mirrors the Ribcor shaft.  

The SXX2 Blade's stiffness goes from stiff in the heel to extra stiff in the toe for a sneaky quick release.  

Thanks to a Power Taper Ratio of 3:1, players will get a more vertical stiffness, which means that less energy is wasted down into the ice and more energy is transferred all the way through the blade.  

True to Ribcor form, the 45K features a low kick point for easy to load shots with a surprisingly quick release. 

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